Historical Events


             Nagaur district is the land of fairs as they are not only cattle markets but in real terms a way of life. The rural people participate in these fairs very eagerly as if they are big social events & in addition to the cattle, routine things from needles to nails are also available in these events. Fairs in fact are the true face of rustic rural Rajasthan & are a strong witness of its social harmony.


Some of the famous district fairs are:



Ramdev Cattle Fair Nagaur

            The third largest cattle fair in Rajasthan founded by the great Jodhpur Dynasty king Mr. Umed Singh in honour of Sh. Ramdeoji 56 years back is being held every year in the month of Magh (January / February). Although the famous  Nagauri bull is the "piece-de-resistance" the  indigenous breeds of camels, horses, bullocks, buffaloes, goat & sheep are in no way  less attractive buys. Traders from all over the country participate actively & vie with each other in purchasing high pedigree animals to upgrade their cattle. The fair is also a rare opportunity for the tourists to see the real rural Rajasthan, rural folk in colourful traditional dresses & turbans in a rural setting. The fair is also a big market for farm products but the Mirchi (red chilli) market is the most thrilling & over crowded. Folk songs & dances not only entertain the visitors but also tell tales of tradition & heritage. One can't afford to miss an opportunity to visit this fair. Fair of the year 2014 was held from 31.01.2014.

Baldev Cattle Fair

            Baldev Cattle Fair - Held in the month of Chaitra (March / April) at Merta City every year, its history dates back 36 years when this fair was initiated in the memory of the great farmer leader Mr. Baldeo Ram Mirdha. Nagauri breed of cattle are traded here in abundance & cattle competitions are the biggest attraction of the fair which provides a glimpse of rural Rajasthan.

Veer Tejaji Fair

            Veer Tejaji Fair - The second largest fair held every year in the month of Shrawan (August / September) at Parbatsar. It is primarily cattle fair but routine things are also bought & sold. Its history dates back to pre-Independence.  Veer Tejaji is known as the protector against snakes, scorpions & mosquitoes. It is said that during the 15 days of this fair these reptiles are not to be seen anywhere in the mela. People believe that Veer Tejaji protects them against the bites of these parasitic reptiles.

Other important Fairs of Nagaur District

S.No. Name of fair Place   Date
1 Sheetla Asthami mela Nagaur Chaitra Krishna Asthami
2 Hariram baba ka mela Jhorda Bhadwa Shukla Chaturthi-Panchami
3 Hanumanji ka mela Shribalaji Chaitra Shukla Purnima, Ashvin Shukla Purnima
4 Meerabai Charbhuja mela Merta City Baishakh Shukla Ekadasi-Purnima
5 Parsawanathji ka mela Merta Road Bhadra Shukla Dashami
6 Sufi Tarkeen Salana Urs Nagaur Zamadi-Ul-Awwal
7 Mataji ka mela Goth Maglod Ashwin & Chaitra Navratra
8 Mataji ka mela Bhanwal Ashwin & Chaitra Navratra
9 Gusaiji ka mela Junjala Ashwin Shukla
10 Jhulotsawa Molasar Shrawan Shukla Ekadasi-Purnima
11 Jhulotsawa Jaswantgarh Shrawan Shukla Ekadasi-Purnima
12 Shivratri mela Nagaur Falgun Krishna Trayodashi
13 Narsingh Chaturdarshi mela Nagaur Vaishakh Sukla Chaturdashi
14 Varah Avtar Mahotsava Nagaur Vaishakh Sukla Purnima
15 Krishna Janamotsava mela Nagaur Bhadra Krishna Ashthami
16 Pitra Shrad mela Chenar, Nagaur Bhadwa Krishna Amawasya
17 Urs mela Rol Muslim date
18 Didwana  mela Didwana Maghsheersh Krishna